Social Club Mallorca

Kiko Navarro

The Majorcan DJ Kiko Navarro has managed to transmit the sunny and leisurely atmosphere of the island. From a very young age, he has been guided by the soulful side of American house music. Thus, his musical skills attracted the attention of the Ibizan environment in places as emblematic as Pacha, which offered him residencies in their clubs in Palma and Ibiza. This was followed by a monthly gig at Space Ibiza.

Kiko has practically traveled around the world with his music, adding to his tracks the sounds of every continent he passed through. He has played at festivals such as Southport Weekender and Southern Soul Festival, but also in underground clubs. He has also played in international pedigree clubs such as The Egg (London), Fabrik (Moscow), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Duel Beat (Naples), Prive (Estonia), Bolivar Beach Club (Athens) or Sound Planet (Kiev), among many others.