Social Club Mallorca

Manu Sánchez

Born in Extremadura in 1986, he came to Mallorca as a child, which allowed him to start in the world of electronics at the age of 15. Since his first contact with a mixing board, he has never stopped experimenting and has walked through different styles that make up what he understands as techno music. Although his beginnings were based on Funk and House, he went through a stage of more up tempo and more forceful techno, until he reached more refined and avant-garde sounds. Now, he tends to play softer techno, less revved up.

It has been characterized by an almost impeccable dexterity, dynamic and melodic at the same time, understanding perfectly the concept of “dance floor” always accompanied by very charismatic, original and endowed with a great personality. Apart from his career as a DJ, it is worth mentioning his facet as an event promoter, who with effort and constant work has managed to consolidate himself as a reference artist in the Mallorcan scene in a very short time.