Social Club Mallorca

Mau P

Mau P is the new project of Maurice West (Maurits Westveen), the Dutch DJ of the moment, who eats, breathes and sleeps music. Born into a family of musicians, he has grown up surrounded by different instruments and possibilities. He produces in the former studio of his father, who died when he was 18 years old, but with the certainty that he would be very proud of him.

At 14 he discovered his passion for dance music and although he has not long since released his debut as Mau P “Drugs From Amsterdam” the track has already gone around the world. Track he produced with Repopulate Mars, one of the most interesting labels in the scene. Mau has achieved with a single track what most take years to achieve: to be the best-selling track on Beatport.

We are lucky to have him with us at Social on July 8th, so if you want to come and dance to the rhythm of “Drugs From Amsterdam” or any of his new creations, here you have the link with all the information: