Social Club Mallorca

Mike Mauri

Born in Mallorca in 1976, Mike Mauri is a DJ and techno producer who has been dedicated to electronic music since he was a child. His father was a bass player and his uncle a saxophonist, so he grew up in a punk garage environment, although he was also very influenced by rap metal. But his career didn’t start until a few years ago, as he was an elite mountain biker, when he retired, he decided to learn how to DJ and finally turn to underground techno and music production.

His DJ career began at birthday parties and private parties. He considers that his career started in August 2016, the first time he was paid for it, on a terrace in Can Picafort, Influenced by artists like Angel Costa, HD Substance, Pig&Dan or Christian Smith, he has played in the most emblematic clubs of the island like Social Club, Brooklyn Club, Titos, Garito Café or Subzhero, and national ones like, Specka, TrueClub or Halley. Mike doesn’t limit himself, he also likes styles like Chicago acid house, and deeply enjoys the underground in all its aspects.